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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Study Abroad - Some Precautions to Take...

Going for higher education in Western countries such as the US, Canada, UK, Australia and in the European Union is very popular in India. there are many reasons for this. Amongst these, the most important are the desire to get a higher education degree that will have a high prestige value in the job market and the desire to be able to emigrate and/or work internationally. Apart from this, some people are already working and want to go abroad for career enhancement training which will get them extra benefits in their profession.

It is the dream of many young students to go abroad for higher studies, but very often, they don't know where to find accurate and helpful information. If they don't get proper guidance, they either never manage to go abroad, or they go very late, wasting a lot of their potential in India.

There are many students who get fleeced by the myriads of companies that have cropped up in various cities of India, professing to help the students, but they are actually agents of foreign universities, who induce the students to go for heavy loans in the process of studying abroad, some of them take high service charges from students and also deliberately send students to such universities where there is not much funding available, because these universities pay a hefty commission to these companies for bringing students who take out loans and pay a large amount to the universities.

These companies tell the students that they won't have to pay anything to the company, but the students end up paying several lakhs of rupees to the university they go to and from this amount the company gets a commission. All this is unnecessary if only the student has the right information, because there are many universities in the West where there is funding for International students. In many universities, there is no tuition fee. 

In order to fulfil their aim to send to such universities with which these companies have a business contract, they often send the students to lower-ranked universities. Often, the students take out a heavy loan to go to such universities and find in the end that their degrees don't have much value in the job market. 

Hence, while applying to foreign universities, one should keep in mind the following - 
  • Get proper information about whether funding is available for the course you want to study. Do not presume that you have to take out loan and pay heavy charges to the university abroad in all cases.
  • There are some courses for which very little funding is available in most universities, some courses are usually funded, while some courses draw funding in some universities, partial funds in other universities and no funds in still other universities. You should know which category your course falls under.
  • Please remember - lesser-ranked universities usually have non-funded courses, which don't have much value in the job market. Better universities usually give at least partial funds to their students. You should know if a funded option is available before taking loans to pay for a non-funded course abroad, which may not be well-ranked.
  • Courses which draw maximum number of candidates also lead you to jobs where there is an over-flooding of candidates for every position. Hence, at then end of an expensive course on loaned money, you may still be without jobs. Sometimes it is better to opt for programmes which don't have an influx of candidates but which lead to good opportunities in job market. It's important to know about such courses.
  • Before enrolling for a programme, one should have some idea about what one is going to do with this degree later, whether this degree leads to good opportunity later and what are the dynamics of getting a job in this field.
About this Site -
    We are here to help you get a good-quality education abroad, preferably with as less loans and charges as possible. We don't take any commission from any university and charge you a small amount as compared to what some other businesses in this field charge.

    We give you the following services - 
    • Help you locate  universities for your desired programme which either fund your programme, or charge as little as possible.
    • Help you identify newly emerging programmes which have good opportunities and lead you to fulfilling lives.
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    • Give you information about visa.
    • All our services are offered online so you don't spend time travelling to meet us. 
    • We cater to all candidates, from India and other countries.
    • While our goal is to help you get admission in a good university with as much funding offer as possible, if you would like to apply for non-funded programmes as well, we would be glad to help you wih such applications as well.
    • Payment is through Paypal, which is a secure online mode of payment through major credit cards like Visa and Mastercard. Paypal offers you the option to get your money back if you don't hear from us after making a payment. Hence, there is no chance of fraud in this.
    • Please see the Paypal link above for making a payment. 
    • You can write to us on the link saying on top, "Write to me," or use email address artandheritage@gmail.com. 
    Make this choice to be served by those who have your welfare as goal.

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